THE EVEREST COFFEE has been exporting green beans and roasted coffee since 1995 to Japan, Taiwan, USA and Europe. Consignment can be sent through Air or Sea depending on order volumes.

The climatic conditions in the mid-hills of Nepal (above 1000m) from where we can see the Himalayas have cold winds and are suitable for the production of superior quality coffee. Commercial coffee is presently grown in about twenty-one districts in central and eastern development regions of Nepal. Major coffee farming districts are Gulmi, Lalitpur, Syangja, Palpa, Ilam, Kavre, Kaski and Baglung.

All coffee is produced in organic, natural, eco-friendly way within the shade of trees at an altitude above 1000 to 1600m. Farmers with less production capacity cultivates coffee as a subsidiary crop. Major plantation are done in fertile soil of forests. Ripened coffee beans are hand-picked at fixed intervals and dried on the sun (dry processing) as well as pulped right after harvesting with mini wooden hand pulping machine (wet processing) with necessary additional procedures.

THE EVEREST COFFEE has been providing coffee production awareness training with necessary technical and material support to the farmers and other groups. The basic level processing is done by groups in a cooperative concept. The company has provided necessary tools and equipment for these groups. The Everest Coffee company has also ensured to market all the coffee produced by these farmers and groups.